How Many Reiki Sessions are Needed?

how many reiki sessions are needed

When it comes to understanding how many reiki sessions are needed for maximum results, it really depends on the purpose for attending the reiki session to begin with.

I always believe one of the simplest and easiest ways to think about this is to adopt the same mindset, if you were for example, going for any other form of therapy like physio or a counselling session. It would depend on the reason you are attending the session, which influences your decision if you need to go back for another.

The number of reiki sessions needed is dependent solely on the purpose for wanting the session to begin with. There are those who attend reiki sessions for the purpose of deep relaxation and those who come with severe pain and illness.

There are numerous reasons for interests in reiki treatments, which are always dependent on a person’s own specific needs.

Listed below are some of the most common reasons for attending a reiki session, how it helps, and the number of recommended reiki sessions needed, relating to those needs.

These include needs relating to both physical and mental illnesses or injuries, including anxiety and depression treatment, deep relaxation, coping with serious illness, headache and migraine, neck, shoulder and back pain, life direction and sleep disorder.

If you are dealing with any of the below, a minimum of four reiki sessions would be beneficial to allow for ongoing and optimal health and wellness.

Generally, for reiki treatments, I would always suggest at least one week apart for each session.

  • Depression: The healing that reiki offers is well known for reducing symptoms of depression and plays an important role in reducing the stress and fatigue that goes hand in hand with this condition. After a session you can expect to feel a sense of calm and increased mental clarity, allowing you to see and experience life more clearly. Mental and emotional clearing is also incorporated throughout the session for those with depression.

The sessions also create a space for you to feel and know you are not alone in what you are dealing with.

  • Anxiety: Reiki aims to improve your overall well being by relieving you of emotional stress & tension. The energy channeled from the practitioner to the client allows for an immediate effect of well being to be felt throughout the body. Throughout the session, I work on clearing any energy blockages. I also incorporate mental and emotional clearing for those with anxiety helping to increase your mental clarity, which creates a space for deep relaxation to happen within you both mentally and physically.
  • Coping with serious illness: Including but not limited to; Arteritis, Cancer, and Fibromyalgia.

Reiki is a non touch form of healing which is perfect for those dealing with serious illness, as it eliminates the potential increased pain that can sometimes make the condition worse, when seeking pain relief through other forms of therapy.

how many reiki sessions are needed

Reiki significantly helps with relieving stress that often comes with dealing with serious illness. The stress relief it offers creates a space for healing to occur and helps you to manage your condition not only on a physical level, but also emotionally and spiritually.

Reiki, being a natural form of alternative medicine, offers a form of pain reduction without any potential side effects that can often come from taking medication for this purpose.

  • Headaches/Migraine: For many, migraines can be persistent and can be triggered at any time effecting not only how you feel but, in some cases, quality of life. Reiki treatments for migraine are an effective way to manage this painful disorder. Not only will it treat the painful ache you experience, but also helps in clearing stuck energy that could be the root cause of why you are experiencing the migraine. In some cases, the physical pain experienced is a result of underlying emotional pain that has not been identified. During the reiki session, I work on the full body and mind throughout the session. This helps in identifying where there could be potential energy blockages in the body, which can help in identifying the root cause.

Reiki’s main purpose is to relieve, reduce or alleviate pain completely and has helped in the pain management of headache and migraine.

  • Neck, shoulder, or back pain: For those that experience reoccurring pain, reiki is one of the most popular forms of healing for dealing with and managing pain. Depending on the severity of your pain and what the root cause is, will be dependent on how many reiki sessions you will need. I have a client who suffers with back pain from time to time, who was relieved of his pain after one session. If there is a specific root cause for your pain like ligament damage, you will need more than one session for maximum results.
  • Life direction: Many people attend a reiki for the purpose of wanting to feel calmer and more balanced within themselves. This is usually experienced when their energy is feeling off and they are unsure why. The session itself allows for the right guidance to come through in terms of what I feel throughout the session. I intuitively feel which energy centres, otherwise known as the main chakras in the body, are blocked. After the session, I will advise you what I felt. This creates space for deep healing to occur, by bringing it from your unconscious to your conscious awareness.
  • Sleep disorder: Insomnia or sleep disorder can be the effect of many different causes including anxiety, depression, high stress levels, intake of certain medications, alcohol, or caffeine to name a few. Often, clients naturally fall asleep throughout the session because of the deep relaxation reiki offers. This occurs when stuck energy in the mind and body is being released throughout the session. In many cases, it is the build up of stuck energy within the mind and body that causes sleep disorder. The deep relaxation, stress relief, and release of mental blockages that happens during the session, allows for better sleeping conditions.

It is important to note that how one person may experience illness or pain, may be different for another, even when diagnosed with the same illness.

In some cases, depending on the illness or injury, the number of reiki sessions needed may be one, as you may be completely relieved of your pain after one session, and may not require another.

You will feel and know within yourself, both the benefit you are getting from the sessions and if you need or want further sessions.

If you are interested in a reiki session for the purpose of deep relaxation, one session would be enough as this will experienced after one reiki session.

For many, they enjoy the deep relaxation they get from their reiki sessions and have continued sessions for this purpose.

For any specific queries in relation to your interest in a reiki session, please feel free to contact me.

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