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Sharon Campbell

I integrate the knowledge I have of the seven main energy chakras during my Reiki sessions, offering a unique balancing session for each individual chakra, with a focus on the area where you specifically need healing; and also ensuring you receive full body energy healing.

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Transformation & improved quality of life is on the other side of that first step you take. Here at Sharon Campbell’s Healing Services, our goal is to help you, help yourself, today and for a lifetime, no matter what you’re currently experiencing

Reiki Healing

Relax, ease stress, reduce tension.

Reiki Master

Integrated Sessions

Make lasting changes in your life.

Reiki Master

Chakra Balancing

Unblock energy centres

Distance Reiki

Reiki healing, wherever you are in the world.

equine reiki

Equine Reiki

Restore blocked energy.

Mental Emotional Clearing

Improve mental clarity.

Why Reiki?

Reiki Benefits & Outcomes

Improve Wellbeing

Lower anxiety, depression, stress & fatigue.

Sleep Better

Reiki's relaxation leads to deep sleep.

Deep Relaxation

Reiki helps your body release tension.

Accelerate Self-Healing

Reiki helps with blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing.

Relieves Pain

Reiki can improve your body's vital functions.

Spiritual Growth

Experience personal & spiritual growth.

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reiki master sharon campbell testimonial
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Reiki Master Sharon Campbell is rated 5 stars

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