Chakra Balancing

With Certified Reiki Master Sharon Campbell

Chakra balancing helps discover from within where your energy has become unbalanced, bringing it from your unconscious to your conscious awareness, so you can heal, overcome and improve your quality of life.

Balance your energy centers with Chakra Balancing

There are seven main chakras or energy centers in the body which range from the top of the head to the base of the spine. 

These are known as the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Chakras.

Each of these energy centers represent different aspects of the natural energy that resides in each of us and therefore, there most natural state is to be balanced.

"Thank you for today’s session, I can’t thank you enough ❤️ I feel so much more calm and as if I’ve experienced a huge shift, like I can see things much differently now. As a person who has struggled with anxiety all of my life, it was so amazing to find something that helped me so much when I thought I had tried it all. I can’t wait to do another session."
Rosie P.
Reiki Client
"Sharon was informative regarding which chakras were blocked and once explained I was amazed at how accurate Sharon was in regards to how I was feeling. Overall a great experience and will be back again!"
Donna C.
Reiki Client

Get Unbalanced Chakras back to their natural state

They can and do become unbalanced for various reasons, usually relating to life experiences and past traumas, including childhood trauma we’ve experienced, that has not been consciously looked at and healed within us. 

Unbalanced chakras affect our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours and can therefore limit and restrict how we experience life. 

Blockages in the flow of this vital energy will eventually result in mental, emotional, and/or physical illness.

How can unbalanced chakras affect me in my day to day?

This can show up in many different ways, with some common examples being; attracting a physical serious illness, experiencing social anxiety in all or certain settings, getting angry or frustrated easily, not being able to attract and feel worthy of a love relationship, or repeating the same behavioural patterns that you know is to the detriment of you, and you just can’t understand the why.

"Thank you, Sharon, for your work to heal my spirit as I arrived feeling very depleted. I appreciated that you took me on short notice, your price was reasonable, you were easy to connect with, and most of all, you were able to fill my being with the energy of love and appreciation. Blessings for your practice."
Catherine D.
Reiki Client
"This was my first reiki session ever so didn’t know what to expect at first but I have to say I was so relaxed, the stress and tension of the day just eased right away."
Darren B.
Reiki Client

What happens in a chakra balancing session?

The guidance that comes through from a chakra balancing session can help you in areas of your life where you have felt stuck.

A chakra balancing session helps you make sense of the WHY to your current life experience, by bringing it from your unconscious to your conscious awareness. 

It allows us to go deeper than the issue at hand and identify the root cause. 

In doing so, it allows you to truly heal and overcome these imbalances that have limited your quality of life, to one where you begin to feel more balanced within, and live a more enriched and improved quality of life. 

Throughout a chakra balancing session, I integrate the knowledge I have of the seven main energy chakras, offering a uniquebalancing session for each individual chakra, while also ensuring you receive full-body reiki energy healing.

For more information on Chakra Balancing, see my blog post here.

Chakra Balancing Pricing


1 Session
$ 120 75 mINUTES


4 Sessions
$ 420 Save $60


8 Sessions
$ 840 1 Free Session


12 Sessions
$ 1200 2 Free Session

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