Mental Emotional Clearing

With Certified Reiki Master Sharon Campbell

Mental Emotional Clearing is an extension service of Reiki, combined with a Reiki session that improves; mental clarity and focus, releases mental trauma, promotes deep relaxation, removes energy blockages, helping to increase your overall energy balancing your mind, body and spirit.

Release suppressed emotions

When traumatic events show up in our lives, and we don’t deal the situation at hand, emotions can and do become suppressed. 

As a result, this energy can become stuck, and often leads to illnesses such as anxiety and depression. 

Often times, mental and emotional suppression overtime, can manifest as a physical illness. An obvious example is one experiencing a heart attack due to high levels of stress that hasn’t been managed, that started on a mental and emotional level initially, and overtime had the ability to manifest as a serious physical illness.

"I was going through a hard time to sleep, recommended by a friend of mine, I decided to try Reiki therapy, I can only say that everything was incredible, excellent experience full of energy and good vibrations! From the first night my sleep has been much better. thanks Sharon"
Reiki Client
"Kind, caring and compassionate. I would highly recommend Sharon. A beautiful Reiki experience."
Shelley D.
Reiki Client

This type of healing is ideal for those suffering with stress, overwhelm, anxiety and depression.

Mental and Emotional clearing helps to relieve the mind of any stress and tension and can bring forth thoughts that can help you make sense of sometimes past traumas, that can be contributing to your anxiety and/or depression. 

This type of healing is also extremely beneficial for those who are suffering with a serious illness as it helps to relieve you of the stress you are experiencing as a result of being ill. 

By experiencing stress relief, you will in turn be presented with a state of feeling deeply relaxed & calm and will feel your well-being and vitality drastically increase as a result. 

Mental Emotional Clearing Pricing


1 Session
$ 120 75 mINUTES


4 Sessions
$ 420 Save $60


8 Sessions
$ 840 1 Free Session


12 Sessions
$ 1200 2 Free Session

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