Reiki Healing

With Certified Reiki Master Sharon Campbell

Reiki can help you bring tranquility to your mind, body, and soul. 

Reiki is an ancient healing technique

Reiki is a form of spiritual healing that originates from Japan. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese word (Rei) which translates to “Universal Life” and (Ki) which translates to “Energy”. Reiki healing is focused on the natural energy that resides in each one of us. These energy centres can and do become blocked due to life experiences we may have faced or are facing currently, and it is important to our vitality to keep these as balanced as possible.

"Sharon is a caring and empathic healer. She is intuitive in how she provides her therapeutic coaching and energy work. I highly recommend her to anyone needing guidance and motivation for healthy change and better spiritual healing."
Nikki Coleman
Reiki Client
"This was my first introduction to reiki, and won't be my last. Sharon was very calming and made me feel at ease. After the session I felt completely relaxed - almost lighter - as if a weight had been lifted."
Cleo Teeters
Reiki Client

Reiki is energy healing

Reiki is a type of alternative medicine recognised around the world. It aims to relax you, ease stress, tension and help your overall well being. Reiki is energy channeled from the practitioner to the client by placing the hands a couple of inches above the client’s body. The client will feel the energy been channelled from the practitioner, usually through sensations during the session. This may be felt in numerous ways such as feeling heat, a general feeling of well being and some may feel the energy, where they feel as though the practitioners hands are placed on them, when it is in fact non touch.

Reiki is recognized globally

Reiki is now been more and more recognised by hospitals throughout the world as it aims to heal, not just physical conditions but also mental and emotional. It can relieve and reduce pain for many illnesses including cancer, arthritis, heart disease, anxiety, depression & chronic pain.

Reiki can also be done on those who don’t have any serious illness or pain as it can help you to feel deeply relaxed, help you cope with difficult situations, relieve emotional stress and tension and help to improve your overall wellbeing.

"Sharon is empathetic, intuitive Reiki practitioner. She loves practicing Reiki and has been led to embrace this journey in authentic way, through her own search for healing. I had a few sessions with Sharon, and they absolutely empowered me to deal with challenges I was dealing with at the moment with renewed perspective. I recommend Sharon with open heart."
Tanya Pavlenko
Reiki Client

Benefits of Reiki

Millions of people around the world are choosing Reiki Healing because of its benefits.


Improve Wellbeing

Reiki can lower anxiety, depression, stress, and fatigue.

Relieves Pain

Reiki can improve your most vital functions.

Why should I take Reiki lessons

Deep Relaxation

Reiki helps your body release tension.

Sleep Better

Reiki can help achieve deep sleep.

Spiritual Growth

Experience Reiki’s spiritual & personal growth.

Improve Self-Healing

Reiki helps with blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing.

Reiki Frequently Asked Questions

The simple answer is yes. It is important to keep our energy balanced overall, which is what Reiki provides working on the whole body, mind, and spirit.

Within my Reiki sessions, there is a key focus on balancing each individual chakra.

Reiki helps to prevent energy blockages, by relieving stress, promoting deep relaxation, and releasing any emotional blockages.

When energy becomes blocked in the body, this tends to show up as anger, mood swings, fear, or pain. The aim of Reiki is to reduce the effects mentioned and make space for deeper healing. After a session, you can expect to feel deeply relaxed allowing for better sleep, and the ability to think more clearly promoting mental clarity and a feeling of increased well-being.

Just for today, I will not worry, I will not anger, I will be kind, I will work honestly, and I will be grateful.

The ‘I will’ is very powerful in these principles. Imagine living a life where you could really apply these principles to your life every day. Sometimes, it may seem impossible depending on what life situations or circumstances we may be faced with. But… if we could attempt to apply these principles, one day at a time, imagine how different our day to day would be and over a period of time, our life.

These principles are powerful in themselves, and by applying them we can help ourselves feel more balanced overall energetically.

Holistic healing is an alternative type of medicine that considers the whole person; mind, body & spirit, to facilitate optimal health and wellness. The primary goal is to gain a complete balance in life.  

How can this be achieved with Reiki?  

Within the realm of reiki healing, there are extension services that can be incorporated into reiki sessions, including mental & emotional healing and chakra healing.  

In a reiki session, I work to eliminate/reduce any physical pain you may be experiencing. 

In a chakra healing session, I can intuitively feel which energy centres may be blocked and from here work with you to gauge what could be the underlying cause of the block you have. Depending on where your energy may be blocked, this could be limiting how you experience life in relation to what that energy centre represents and by working to unblock the chakra/chakras, it helps to bring about an improved quality of life in relation to the affected blockages. 

In a mental and emotional healing session, I work to remove any mental blocks you may be currently dealing with, which helps to bring about increased mental clarity and greater peace. This type of session is extremely beneficial for those dealing with anxiety and depression as it helps to eliminate & manage it in a holistic manner.  Here you can see how the different components of reiki can work to heal you on a physical, mental & emotional level.

Reiki is an extremely helpful healing modality for those dealing with cancer. It is a non-invasive complementary modality that will support your healing. As mentioned in my bio, I had the experience of going through a cancer journey. During this time, I came across the word ‘Chakra’ and from here I discovered Reiki. I meditated on a different chakra every day and felt extremely positive and balanced overall and always had a positive outlook.

For those dealing with cancer, it is vital to address daily not only the disease itself but also any underlying imbalances of both body & mind that may weaken your well being. I truly believe it is essential not only to your day to day experience of dealing with cancer but also plays a major part in your recovery.

It is inevitable that those dealing with cancer experience anxiety, pain, and mood disorder, which Reiki is extremely beneficial for helping with. Those experiencing pain can benefit significantly as Reiki is non-invasive, being a non-touch form of therapy.

Reiki can help you to find a sense of meaning in your experience and support inner transformation, which is exactly what my cancer journey was for me.

Reiki can support you in any stage of your journey, whether it’s the beginning stages, treatment stages or after all clear.

Overall, it supports health and well being helping you with stress, pain, family relationships, easing back into ‘normal life’, by maintaining continued health and wellness.

Anyone who has experienced cancer knows that it is a journey and being supported through every stage is vital.

Reiki & Intuitive Counselling can be offered as a combined service in helping to support you at any stage throughout your cancer journey.

My ultimate goal is to ensure you receive an overall sense of well being and to support you on your journey.

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