What is Reiki healing? Reiki Benefits, Purpose, Meaning & More.

What is Reiki healing

When it comes to understanding what Reiki healing is and the benefits it offers, it is important to note the difference between healing and curing.

The main purpose of Reiki healing is to alleviate and heal pain for the body, including pain
associated with mental and emotional states.

While Reiki healing does not cure illnesses, it plays a big part in pain management. It
significantly alleviates pain and has been known to heal pain completely.

Reiki Healing literally translates to Universal Life Energy Healing.

‘Rei’ translates to ‘Universal Life’ and ‘Ki’ translates to ‘Energy’.

So, what is Reiki healing, and how does it differ from traditional medicine? it aims to heal symptoms and improve overall well being by reducing both pain and stress, whereas traditional medicine aims to cure the disease that has manifested in the body.

For example, a Reiki treatment cannot cure a serious illness like cancer, but it can help to heal the anxiety and pain that comes with having cancer. It is inevitable that those dealing with cancer experience anxiety, pain, and mood disorders, that affect both the mind and body.

what is reiki healing
Feel less stressed with Reiki treatments.

Holistic healing such as Reiki for treating these symptoms is extremely beneficial. Not only is Reiki a natural form of therapy to help deal with both physical and mental pain that comes with having any serious illness, but it is a way of dealing with these symptoms without the potential of increased side effects, that can come with the intake of traditional medicine. Cancer is just one example, but this applies to any serious illness.

Hospitals are increasingly introducing the practice of Reiki to work alongside traditional
medicine because of the healing benefits a Reiki treatment can provide.

For those that attend a Reiki session, Reiki helps to alleviate, reduce, or heal the pain

During a Reiki session, I can detect which energy centres are blocked, and will always advise you what I felt throughout the session. This blockage can be either physical or mental related.

Usually, when it is physical, clients will know as they are experiencing pain in that part of the body.

When it’s mental related, this is usually experienced when your energy is feeling off, and you are unsure why. This is another aspect of what Reiki healing is and what it can offer, when it comes to understanding what Reiki healing is. I can advise you on where your energy is blocked, by performing Reiki on your main energy centres, otherwise known as the main chakras in the body. After the Reiki session, I will advise you where your energy is blocked, and by intuiting what I feel; this creates space for deep healing to occur, by bringing it from your unconscious to your conscious awareness.

what is reiki healing
Chakra balancing Reiki treatment.

What Reiki healing is and offers, is not only extremely beneficial for those who have physical pain, but also for those who are struggling mentally. Reiki healing is one of the most popular types of alternative medicines for dealing with emotional well being and is therefore becoming an increasingly popular choice for those dealing with anxiety and depression.

For those who suffer with anxiety or depression, I incorporate mental and emotional healing
during the Reiki session. This is an extension service of Reiki therapy which releases mental trauma, improves mental clarity and focus, by removing energy blockages from the mind. This in turn increases your energy overall, reduces stress and anxiety, which in turn allows for deeper relaxation and therefore deeper healing of the mind.

It is important to note just how powerful our minds are, if you can heal your mind, it is half the battle to healing pain we feel in both our minds and in our body. As mentioned, when it comes to understanding what Reiki healing is, it helps to release stress and tension, that would otherwise remain in the body. Over time, this buildup of stress and tension can cause physical illness. It is extremely important to be aware that this is how most illnesses manifest in the body. A prime example that may be obvious to most is a heart attack, which is often associated with high-stress levels.

Stress can stem from many different factors, whether it be work, family life, feeling
overwhelmed, or illness related. It is vital to ensure you eliminate stress as much as possible. Reiki significantly helps with releasing stress and tension from the mind and body and therefore helps to prevent and eliminate illness, promoting healing of both your mind and body.

Another way in understanding what Reiki healing is and how Reiki can be beneficial is its
potential to identify energy blockages that could potentially manifest as physical ailments. As mentioned, during a Reiki session, I can detect where energy is blocked in the body. One
example of this was where I advised a client, I had felt strong energy around his heart during
the session. He had a check-up with his doctor shortly after and found out he had an irregular
heartbeat that needed medical attention. In this case, I was able to detect an area that
needed healing.

what is reiki healing
Reiki Master Sharon Campbell during a reiki session doing mental-emotional clearing.

While Reiki cannot cure the physical serious illness that has already manifested in the body, it can help to prevent it, and for those who are ill, it helps to manage and decrease the symptoms and pain that come with having the illness, without the implication of potential increased side effects, being a natural form of alternative medicine.

I hope this has made it easier to understand what Reiki healing is, and the key differences
between healing and curing and what Reiki offers in relation to both.



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