What is Reiki good for? Why Reiki might be a good therapy for you, Reiki benefits

What is Reiki good for

Discussed in this post are some of the key benefits of having reiki sessions and why it is good to make reiki therapy part of your health and wellness.

First and foremost, reiki is good for helping you to heal on a physical, mental and spiritual level, as it focuses on treating your entire being.

The physical aspect is where it works to heal any physical pain you may be experiencing.

On a mental level, mental and emotional healing is incorporated into your session, which relieves you of stress, decreases mental chatter and promotes mental clarity.

By healing you on a physical and mental level, it makes space for spiritual healing to occur.

On a spiritual level, it helps to identify where there may be blockages within your energy, otherwise known as chakra healing, where I incorporate chakra balancing into your session. The chakras consist of the natural energies that reside in each of us, and it is important to keep them as balanced as possible to ensure we feel balanced within ourselves in our everyday life.

By uncovering potential blockages, it brings it from your unconscious to your conscious awareness and from here guidance can be provided on how to begin balancing these blocked energy centres.

Discussed below is a more in-depth understanding of what reiki is good for treating.

Relieving pain

Reiki is beneficial for healing many physical pain symptoms and from my own experience in treating clients, I have helped in treating pain symptoms for arthritis, back and shoulder pain, swelling, burns and joint pains such as those experienced for those who suffer from pains associated with Lyme’s disease.

Reiki is also a good treatment option for those experiencing physical pain because being a non-touch form of healing, it is good for treating pain symptoms without having to physically touch the pain area which sometimes can aggravate pain further.

Reiki is also good for healing pains associated with mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.
I have had clients who have completely turned their life around through receiving ongoing reiki treatments. Reiki healing has the potential to improve your quality of life drastically when attending for the purpose of anxiety and depression as it helps to uncover where your energy is blocked.

From here, we can incorporate talk therapy around making the needed changes in your life, so you can begin to feel more balanced and fulfilled within yourself and in your everyday life.

Improve well being

Reiki is good for clearing the mind of any dis-ease and mental chatter that consumes your mental energy, and therefore helps to increase mental clarity, giving you the ability to think and see more clearly.

Chakra balancing and mental-emotional healing, extension services of reiki that can be incorporated into your session, are extremely beneficial for those seeking treatment for dealing with the everyday stresses life can often bring.
These services help in releasing stuck energy from the mind and body leaving you to feel at ease within yourself.

Reiki, chakra balancing and mental & emotional healing are also extremely helpful for those who are coping with serious illness.

From my own experience, when I had melanoma skin cancer, I focused on balancing my chakras daily and in doing so, I felt completely calm, centred, and balanced within myself as it helped to relieve me of stress and worry, I would have experienced otherwise.

It therefore helps in increasing feelings of well-being, bringing about a sense of calmness from within.

Deep relaxation

After a session clients typically comment on how relaxed they feel, and this is another significant component of what reiki is good for treating as it aims to relax you and ease you of any stress and tension you are experiencing.

When stress and tension remain in the body, over time, these energy blocks can cause illness.

Managing stress is crucial, I can’t overstate this enough. Whether we realize it or not, managing stress can help in preventing illness that is and can be caused by stress.

It’s extremely important to be aware that this is how most illnesses manifest in the body.

A prime example that may be obvious to most is a heart attack, for example, which is often associated with high blood pressure because of high stress levels.

It is therefore extremely important to keep ourselves as balanced and stress free as is possible for us in our daily lives.

Reiki is therefore also good for those who don’t have pain or illness as it helps to relieve you of stresses leaving you to feel deeply relaxed, help you cope with difficult situations, and therefore helps to improve your overall well-being.

what is reiki good for

Better sleep

Stress plays a massive role in a person’s inability to sleep and so taking control to manage your daily stresses will lead to improved quality of sleep.

Reiki is good for helping with poor quality of sleep because of stress reduction and deep relaxation it promotes.
Studies have shown that lack of sleep can often lead to high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, poorer quality of life and not to mention the negative effect it can have on your relationships.

Spiritual growth

Reiki is good for uncovering and clearing any stuck energy within the mind and body, and therefore creates a space for spiritual healing to take place.

For those dealing with consistent pain symptoms, both physically and mentally, the healing a reiki session provides opens a space for connecting to your true essence, your inner being, helping you to balance the overall energy of mind, body, and spirit.

When our energy is focused on the physical or mental pains we experience, it is very difficult for us to connect with who we truly are.

Reiki is therefore good for reconnecting to our spiritual nature as it helps to reduce both physical and mental pains we are dealing with leaving us to feel more balanced and at ease within ourselves as a result.

Uncovering blockages

Throughout my reiki sessions, I work on the main energy centres or chakras within the body, which helps to uncover potential energy blockages that may be affecting how you show up in your everyday life.

In doing so and providing feedback and guidance on how to begin to balance these energy centres through talk therapy, it helps you to take control and make the needed changes in your life so you can begin to feel more balanced within yourself.

This is a powerful benefit of having a reiki session and what it can uncover for you.

It often helps in healing past traumas as this is what can come up for you in terms of the feedback given around which chakras may be blocked.

These blockages can be past or present related and by uncovering where energy may be blocked, it initiates the beginning of you feeling more balanced within yourself.

With the guidance provided, we will discuss tips and techniques for you to apply within your daily life for you to begin to make the needed changes to balance these energy centres.

I hope this gave some good insights as to what a session can offer and what reiki is good for treating.

If you have any further questions about if reiki can help with what you are dealing with, please feel free to contact me.



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