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Introduction: I am your host Sadie, and I am here today with a very special guest, she’s coming to us all the way from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is a Reiki Master, a Life Coach and a Mental and Emotional Healer and she is also the owner at Reiki Master. Please join me in giving a warm business talk welcome to Sharon Campbell.

Presenter: Sharon, how are you today?

Sharon: I’m great, how are you?

Presenter: I’m doing great, I’m excited to hear everything you do. Look at you, you’re a Reiki Master, a Life Coach and a Mental and Emotional Healer. You’re doing it all, that’s awesome and amazing.

Sharon: Thank you.

Presenter: So, let’s dive right in, tell us a little bit about who you are and what it is that you do.

Sharon: My name is Sharon, I’m originally from Ireland, I moved to Toronto over 3 years ago.

What I’m offering as part of my services is an ongoing form of alternative healing.

I really want to emphasize the ongoing part.

This is something I want to offer to everyone, no matter what their income may be. The vision I have is to offer this a long-term method of coping with illness, pain, and peoples’ overall well being. I want this to be a service that’s affordable, so that it is and can be available to everyone.

Presenter: I mean that’s amazing, what inspired you to get involved in this line of work?

Sharon: When I first moved to Canada, when I was 26, I was diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer, and from here I discovered reiki. During that time, I had first heard about chakras and about opening my chakras, so I did some research on that. From there, I began meditating on a different chakra every morning, before knowing what reiki was.

Essentially, while I was recovering from the cancer, I was meditating through guided meditations on a different chakra everyday. I was feeling balanced overall and was very positive throughout that experience, and from here I discovered reiki and have been doing it ever since. Now, I’m really wanting to help others through difficulties that they may be facing in their own lives.

Presenter: Awesome, what was the schooling like to get to where you are? Did you have to do any intensive studies to be a reiki master?

Sharon: Yes, I took Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2, and a couple of months later I took Reiki Master Level.

Presenter: Can you talk about the training involved?

Sharon: Yes, in Reiki Level 1 you learn how to do self reiki, the practice of reiki in general and how to do reiki on others. In Reiki Level 2, we dived more deeply into what we learned in Reiki Level 1 in terms of the practice of reiki, and we also learned how to do distance reiki. Reiki can actually be done remotely, I can talk a bit more about this if you would like? I can tell you of a distance reiki session I did and the impact it had on that person.

Presenter: Yes, let’s dive right in, we’re curious.

Sharon: When I was in the course, we put the learning into practice, where I had sent distance reiki to someone in Ireland, who had recently had a heart attack.

They happened to call me after the course, I told them I had attended Reiki Level 2 and had learned how to do distance reiki and had sent it to them for their heart.

The next day they called to say, “you’re not going to believe what happened during the night” they had woken up and “felt a heat on their knees”. They also have mild arthritis in their knees.

So, yes, I sent healing for their heart, but that’s the thing with reiki, the healing always goes to where it’s needed in the body.

They told me they had been out playing golf the previous day, and typically the following day would have pain in their knees, and on this day, they had no pain.

For me, the experience was new, I had just learned how to do distance reiki and they called to let me know what they had experienced.

Presenter: That’s awesome, so what are some common questions or concerns that people are coming to you with, especially this year with everything going on with COVID?

Sharon: I have a variety of different people that come to me for different reasons. Some examples are people that have anxiety, reoccurring back pain, and queries in relation to if sessions can be done remotely during these times. Remotely would be the distance reiki that I just spoke about. That’s a question that has been posed, and absolutely people can still avail of these services during this time.

During these times, people are struggling a little bit more mentally and like you mentioned at the beginning of the show, mental and emotional clearing is something I do offer as well.

So, what is mental emotional clearing? It basically clears out what is in the mind, and the outcome is that people can have more mental clarity as a result of their mind being clearer and this helps to relax them a bit more. During this time, there has been an increase with that specifically.

Presenter: Awesome, where do you see your business in the future?

Sharon: Honestly, I see myself bringing this type of alternative healing to the world, I hope. And like I already mentioned, I want alternative healing to be an ongoing option for everyone and want it to be available to everyone, no matter what their income is, that’s the kind of change I want to bring to the world. I want this to be ongoing form of therapy for people.

Why? What I want to bring is that vision, in the hope of reducing the number of medications people may have to take whether it’s for anxiety or pain, I want to be that change and bring that change to the world.

Presenter: That’s very inspiring and very amazing of you to have these goals and want to want to do these things, especially with everything going on this year, I think people need it, we need it for sure.

Presenter: So, Sharon, tell everyone listening where they can find you.

Sharon: My website is, all my contact information is on there, you can email me, call me or contact me directly through the website.

Presenter: Awesome, guys reach out to Sharon and pick her brain and to really get the help you need, especially right now with everything going on. That website is

Presenter: Sharon, thank you so much for being on with us, you were very informative, and we really appreciate it.

Sharon: Thank you so much for having me, I appreciate it too.



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