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The Biggest life challenge I had faced to date, transpired to be the most positive life changing event, I was to experience all in one.

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Reiki Master

Reiki healing changed my life, now I want to help others discover the power of reiki healing. Trusted by dozens of clients & qualified with the highest certification in the reiki industry, I strive to provide the best service for my clients

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“I would highly recommend Sharon for any pain or life situation that you are dealing with.” – Patrick M


“The results from even one treatment has been amazing, she is gifted and a born healer” – Sinead O

My Story

Since childhood, I have had several spiritual experiences, at the time I never really gave much thought to it, other than the fact that I was connected to something beyond the physical.

When I was 19 years old, I went to see a medium because of what I was experiencing, who told me I had the gift and then again at 26, another medium told me the same thing.

At 26 years old, I lived a healthy lifestyle, I worked out 3-5 times a week and ate extremely healthy. However, despite all of that, I was diagnosed with cancer. 

It’s only now as I look back, that I can see how the dots connect. 

My cancer journey was an experience that was destined. Not only did it allow me to discover my gift for healing, but was also the beginning of my awakening, to higher awareness and understanding that shifted my whole perspective on life. 

I was intuitively equipped to overcome it with relative ease by working daily to keep my mindset positive, discovering and applying energy work which helped to shift my energy from one of illness to wellness. I would also deal with issues as they arose without suppressing my emotions, and began practicing gratitude and meditation. 

After I got the all-clear, I realised I had potentially self-healed as I focused daily to keep my energy in a high vibration, despite what the externals would say.

For example, I received a call from the dermatologist, where she called to talk to me about the tumor that she had biopsied on my arm. She told me I was the second person she had seen like me in her 10 years of practice. When I asked what she meant by that, she explained that for the little time I had the tumor on my body and for the size it had grown, people would normally have something like that on their body for two years, where as mine had been there for three months.

My tumor had grown rapidly in the short space of time it was on my body and for that reason I was to have a second surgery to determine if it had spread.

However, no matter what was said to me in terms of my prognosis, I always had a very positive mindset and outlook, believing and knowing I would be okay. The mind is very powerful and plays a huge role in how we heal. 

I wrote a blog on my cancer journey, where I mentioned that it was said to me “that it’s nearly like grieving for yourself because you’ll never be the same again”. Looking back now, that statement sums up the paradigm shift that I experienced.

It was a pivotal part of my spiritual journey which led me to discover my gift as a healer, the gift I was told I had at 19 and 26, before I was to come to know it. 

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How I Discovered Reiki

My discovery of Reiki was throughout a time in my life that was the biggest challenge I had faced to date, and what transpired to be the most positive life changing event, I was to experience all in one.

At the age of 26, I was diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer, a couple of months after I had just moved to a new country, solo. 

During this time, I came across the word ‘chakra’ where I was guided by spirit to open up my chakras. I was so drawn to the teachings and learnings of what each chakra represented; I would journal on the topic and began meditating on them throughout my cancer journey.

It was throughout my research on the chakras, that I came across Reiki, where I instantly booked to take my Reiki Level 1 course, shortly followed by Reiki Level 2 and then Reiki Master Level.

It was after I discovered Reiki, I realised I had been doing my own form of energy healing, which assisted greatly in my own healing journey. 

My own experience of illness led me on a path to discover my gift for healing which has allowed me to truly resonate with my clients who are experiencing their own unique journeys of both illness and healing.